Developer(s) Yes Software, Inc.
Stable release[1]
Development status Active
Operating system Windows
Type Web application framework / Template Engine
License Proprietary

CodeCharge Studio is a rapid application development environment for creating web-based applications with minimal coding. It is a code generator and templating engine that separates the presentation layer from the coding layer, allowing designers and programmers to work cohesively in a web application (the model-view-controller design pattern).

CodeCharge utilizes point-and-click wizards for creating record and search forms, grids, and editable grids without the need for programming. Databases supported are MySQL, MS SQL Server, MS Access, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and all others that support web connectivity.

Used technologies
Code charge based on an interactive UI to create web application. Here are listed technologies which used, when the application is ready and running. Application generating technologies here are not discussed. A CCS generated project - without additional programming - is not a routed web sited (where everything routed i.e. through index.asp), but every page accessible by on its own name.

The generated application is Object Oriented. Every structural element, like database connection, grid, navigation bar, the visible page itself etc are all objects.

Codecharge use html template pages to generate visible internet sites. There are xxxx.html files, accordingly xxxx.asp (xxxx.php etc) code files and for server side events a separate xxxx_event.asp (xxxx.php etc) files.

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