Latus (formerly known as "Yet Something Else") is a game that has been announced to be in production by Cyan Worlds. The game has reportedly been in production for quite some time, but so far (as of March 2008), very little information has been revealed.

Known Information Edit

Information Based on Interview with Rand Miller Edit

  • It will not be part of the Myst series, but its own independent game.
  • Unlike Myst, it will have a linear storyline
  • It will have interactive 3-D environments

Information Based on Trademark Edit

Cyan filed for a patent for the title Latus. This patent provides a lot of insight into what Cyan could be creating. Some key points from the patent are:

  • Latus will be presented as a series of online interactive television and movie games
  • There will be several movie games
  • The patent calls the movies "audiovisual", perhaps indicating that this will be a game with dialogue.

A later patent also revealed that the game plans to use real time online gameplay as well as gameplay through LAN.

Trademarks Abandoned Edit

  • On December 14, 2006, both patents for both the game Latus and the merchandise, namesake and other marketable goods were abandoned.

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